Who the hell is Colin Pearce anyway?

Good question! It depends on who you ask. He can be a disorganised nitwit; an incurable romantic; a children’s book writer; an opinionated bastard; a family man; a journalist and a marketing man… just another bloke who’s ricocheting round life’s pinball machine not really understanding what’s going on.

He’s had lots of experience of doing almost everything wrong; and it’s left him with baggy skin and hair in his ears – but very little hair on his head (and he doesn’t comb it over, no matter what his daughters say).

He has three daughters and two sons who are all as ordinary (i.e dysfunctional) as he is. He used to have a wife, too, in the days when they were called wives, not partners. Maybe that was why she left.

He started life as a journalist and climbed his way up to a career as… well, a journalist. His motto is: “It’s okay to change your mind.” which explains a lot.

By the way, if he ever wants to explain the billiard ball theory of life to you – invent a sudden appointment  and leave immediately.

What on earth is he doing?

If anyone knew, they could cure him

But what is known is that for nearly twelve years he wrote  a newspaper column that entertained readers of one of Queensland’s leading daily newspaper – the Townsville Bulletin.

One reader wanted to know why the people of North Queensland should be the only ones to suffer – so now they’re available on the web.